KS2 PE Activities Designed To Develop Team Player Skills

Activities which utilize team building skills among your KS2 students is not only a great thing to do as an activity, but also help the students build their team player skills and develop their understanding of social interactions and hierarchy. If you are looking for 3 of the best KS2 PE activities to help work on these developmental aspects, then the below-given activities should be perfect for your needs.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are a great way to split students into small groups and allow them to work together both physically and mentally to unlock the clues and progress closer toward the prize. Treasure hunts also allow you as the teacher an insight into the characteristics of the children, such as those with leadership skills, those who follow commands, and those who are creative and forward thinking. This is one of the best KS2 PE activities to add to your syllabus as the level of difficulty and intensity can be increased over time to include elements of running, climbing, and digging to reach the treasure.

British Bulldog

This makes the list of KS2 PE activities due to the fact that it requires 2 opposing teams of students to participate. One team builds a barrier with their arms and legs, which the other team must try to get through. At first glance, you may think it is simply a game of speed and power. However, students will automatically look for weaknesses in the link and use their brain power to work out a way through the wall. Those who are preventing the invasion work together to create a strong and unbreakable bond and stop anyone getting through.

Stack’em High

Of all the KS2 PE activities you can opt to use for building teamwork skills, Stack’em High is one of the best. The activity consists of many different sized and shaped foam or wooden blocks which need to be stacked to create a tower. The children must work together to build the tower and will have to hunt around the room to find further blocks to add to it. There will also be thinking involved as to how they can reach the top to add more blocks and try to ensure it stays stable.

Final Thoughts On KS2 PE activities

These are just 3 of the best KS2 PE activities that will encourage teamwork and social interaction skills. To make them more energetic, you can simply add a time limit to them and have a serious of tasks to release further parts relevant to the game.